Turkey is an alternative to China

Turkey is an alternative to China

Turkey is an alternative to China

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) defines Turkey as an emerging economy and one of the leading modern industrial countries among the most important producers in the fields of agriculture and industry of all kinds, which would not have been achieved without strategic plans that pushed production at the expense of interest, which explains the high Turkish GDP. By 7.6% despite the global wave of inflation and the depreciation of the Turkish lira in recent years.

Many factors have made Turkey a center on which global markets depend, most notably that it is a quick alternative and closer to the Chinese market. In this article, we bring together the most important factors of the rise of the Turkish economy and visionlar's role in facilitating and accelerating the business process for its customers from all countries of the world.

geographic advantage

Geographically, Turkey is in the middle of the markets of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, which is more than half of the world's markets. Turkish territory overlooks 4 seas and features solid infrastructure and a comprehensive offshore fleet for shipping, unloading and distribution of all kinds of products including oil and food.

In recent years, Turkey has doubled the number of airports, especially in the main industrial cities, which facilitated air cargo procedures and enabled it to build air supply bridges with a large number of countries and sign giant economic partnerships within short periods.

Turkey's strategic location provides supply lines for international companies, as it has become a magnet for medium and large companies as a production and export center. Recently, the successive crises that hit the industrial and supply sectors provided an opportunity for Turkey to become a safe haven for international companies in the field of production and supply.

Skilled hands, high quality and fast production

Over the past 10 years, Turkey has worked to increase workers' efficiency, accelerate and diversify production processes and facilitate export transactions to the top of global supply chains. It is no secret that many countries have turned away from the Chinese production market to other alternatives, most notably Turkey, due to the problems of supply chains that originate from China.

“Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan mostly import goods from China and Russia, but currently there is a quality issue, while Turkish manufacturers have very good quality,” Aybek Adambekov, Commercial Director of Cash & Carry in Kazakhstan said to Anadolu Agency.

Many heads of companies and traders agree with Admbekov who have recently noticed a difference in the quality of products between Turkey and China, and this difference is due to the abundance of raw materials with high quality and the professionalism of the Turkish workforce, in addition to the availability of logistics and communications services, which are factors that raised the standards of production and marketing in the country.

All this was the result of the government production support policy that opened the door for investment in the country and provided many incentives to foreign companies in terms of taxes and workforce development programs, in addition to Turkey's focus on food safety standards, strict product quality control and an environmental system in the production process that complies with European standards. In this approach, Turkey is proceeding to invest in the productive sector as part of its plan to raise the value of Turkish exports to $300 billion this year. 

Turkey enjoys an abundance of factories that have become able to feed the largest markets with products within short periods of time and has proved stable in meeting demands with the required quality. Due to the performance of Turkish factories and logistics facilitation, the eyes of importers and investors have shifted to Turkey to secure their products without concern and intensive follow-up to the most accurate details, especially as the field of trade brokerage has evolved and facilitates the process of buying between the parties.

visionlar's role in business operations:

We at visionlar closely follow the smallest details and all developments to provide distinguished services in the field of commercial mediation, and we are working to strengthen our extension within the Turkish market to provide the best and most suitable offers to customers, and our policy has imposed high standards on producers that support them to compete in providing offers that suit customer requirements.

Our team is ready to respond to your inquiries and requests and collect competitive quotes. Do not hesitate to contact customer service in order to obtain information about the Turkish market and consult our specialized experts.