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Here are some basic steps to import from Turkey :

  • Search for the right producer / safe supplier in the Turkish market.
  • Checking legal documents and examining contracts to prevent potential fraud.
  • Agree with the supplier on the delivery date of the product.
  • Select a secure and reliable shipping company.
  • Ensure that all documents needed for export are completed and meet established standards and specifications.
  • Select a customs broker with vast experience and extensive background in this field.

  •  Textiles and Garments
  •  Furniture and Furnishings
  •  Food Products
  •  Construction and Cladding Materials
  •  Housewares, Kitchen and Catering Equipment
  •  Precious Stones and Metals

  •  Certificate of Origin (CO).
  •  Official Contract between Seller and Buyer, which is required for customs clearance to calculate and estimate duties and taxes payable.
  •  Bill of lading to clarify property of goods.
  •  Packaging regulations
  •  Certificates related to the type of goods (vaporizers for wood products and health certificates for food products).
  •  Qualification and Quality Certificates are required in some countries.

  • Commercial or Industrial Registry
  • Importation License (Import Permit)
  • Bank payment document (document proving the transfer of the invoice value from the importer's country)
  • General registration of the customs broker authorized by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry.

  • We choose the ideal supplier and guarantee the best price for you.
  • We verify legal documents and close contracts with the supplier.
  • We provide low-cost shipping services and competitive prices

  • Research products and obtain the best price.
  • Provide professional and timely export/import services.
  • Providing branding services.
  • Provide a full range of ocean freight, air freight and land transportation services worldwide.
  • Ensure service delivery and verification.

Shipping costs generally vary depending on the quantity and type of product imported, as well as the method of shipment and the importing country.

Turkey's products are known for their quality, conformance to international specifications and low prices. Without mentioning its diversity, its facility to import and its excellence in fields related to creative ideas and innovative products.

Turkey is best known in the food industry of all kinds and is the world leader in many food products. Moreover, the textile industry ranks third among the world's textile exports, in addition to outstanding advances in technology, petrochemistry, machinery and the automotive industry.

You can import whatever you want from Turkey easily. it is a producing country and a major supplier of many products in different areas and Turkey also seeks to be among the world leaders in global supply chains.

You need to find the most experienced commercial broker in the Turkish market. Here is Visionlar’s mission, providing its services rapidly, professionally and competitively to importers from all over the world.

Our partners' trust is the key to our success