Importing doors from Turkey

Importing doors from Turkey

Importing doors from Turkey

Turkey is distinguished by its industrial superiority and manufacturing of the best products with the highest standards and competitive prices. Among the many industries, Turkey is famous for its door industry and ranks third in the world in exporting furniture globally. Many countries prefer to import doors from Turkey for several reasons, including the elegant, modern and friendly design, competitive prices and the quality of the raw materials used compared to other countries. The most imported countries for Turkish doors: are Iraq, Turkmenistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya and America.

 Types of Turkish doors

There are many types of doors, including internal and external, armoured doors, emergency doors, smart armoured doors, and others. In general, the doors look similar, but it is the raw materials used in manufacturing that make a difference in quality and price.

MDF Doors:

MDF door is an engineered wood product made from softwood residuals into wood fibres, which can be processed using modern and digitally controlled machines. The MDF doors are coated with a special paint that gives them a bright look and has a long usage period. These doors are available in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

PVC doors:

PVC is an acronym for "polyvinyl chloride", a type of plastic used to paint door panels, and it is the most competitive in the market because of its prices and good quality. PVC doors became a favourite choice for most homeowners, interior designers and even builders because it does not contain carcinogenic substances, are excellent at sound insulation and are heat and moisture-resistant.

Melamine Doors:

Melamine doors are decorative paper made of compressed wood (MDF). Melamine doors consider one of the favourite interior doors, which are easy to transport and install and do not deform over time due to high humidity or temperatures.

American doors:

One of the most important reasons for preferring American doors is that they are affordable, easy to produce, and light in weight. American doors are very suitable for modern homes, offices, and schools, and among their advantages are that they are heat and noise insulated and waterproof.

Laminated Doors:

It is one of the types of external doors and is characterised by providing the best material that makes the door of the house safer because it has advantages that help to raise the degree of safety through a thickening layer in the door surroundings to prevent attempted burglary, which is soundproof and heat-resistant and can provide in different colours, designs, and sizes.

Fire-rated doors:

Manufactured with special layers to comply with international standards for fire resistance according to specific criteria and is generally used in hotels, hospitals, offices, and luxury residential complexes.

How to import goods from Turkey

Travel to Turkey:

When you visit Turkey, you will be able to come to the markets and search for the best factories, get to know the designs and types directly, and compare in terms of prices. The disadvantages of this method are that expensive and have some obstacles, such as language, transportation, exposure to fraud, or mismatches after the products arrive.

Online purchase:

It is a common way to search for suppliers online and complete the import process, but it does not protect the importer enough. It is possible to be exposed to fraud, especially when choosing an unreliable supplier, which often happens due to insufficient knowledge of the Turkish market.

Importing through a commercial broker:

Deal with an experienced commercial broker in the local market to buy and verify doors that meet the required specifications, ship and clear the customs upon request. This method is the best, as the commercial broker can obtain a discounted price compared to the client’s direct contact with suppliers.

Importing doors from Turkey with Visionlar 

Visionlar Commercial Brokerage Company provides all services related to importing Turkish doors through its professional team, starting with finding the best manufacturers of Turkish doors, ensuring the highest quality, meeting the required specifications, and then obtaining the best prices for clients according to their specific budgets, following up on demand and legal documents, providing shipping options and customs clearance for customers.