Turkish Ceramics and Its Features

Turkish Ceramics and Its Features

Turkish Ceramics and Its Features

Ceramics are manufactured by blending clay with water and other elements and are used in many fields, such as flooring, walls, glass, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, dishes, etc. Ceramics also play an important role in cladding homes, hotels, offices and malls. Turkey is one of the oldest and fastest manufacturing countries in the world and has achieved remarkable growth, ranking eighth globally and third in Europe, due to its distinction with high-quality designs and raw materials and skilled hands as well as competitive prices. Given Turkey's superiority in this area, demand for ceramics increased by 30%, reaching more than 100 countries worldwide, including Germany, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sweden, Canada and Algeria.


Features of purchasing Turkish Ceramics:

  • Reliance of factories on excellent materials in manufacturing
  • Ease of exporting Turkish ceramics and facilitating customs clearance from Turkey to all countries of the world
  • Paying attention to the external shape, distinguishing the design to suit modern places and in line with the classic rooms
  • The appropriate price, which accelerates the scramble to import it
  • The skilled artistry that goes into each ceramics product guarantees impeccable quality.

Types of Turkish ceramic tiles

There are several types of Turkish ceramics for tiles, which differ in the manufacturing method, but are similar in splendour, beauty of shape, and accuracy in manufacturing:

  • Porcelain
  • Granite Tiles
  • Metal Tiles
  • Lime Stone Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Cement Tiles

Five problems faced by traders in buying Turkish ceramics

Despite the increased demand for Turkish ceramics, there are obstacles for traders, including: 

  • The ceramics broke during shipment due to the failure to take the necessary measures.
  • The inability to ensure the quality of the products if ordered and shipped without checking the specifications beforehand
  • Not having the large space required by the pieces, before installation or when displaying in the gallery.
  • There is a long period of time for the arrival of the products due to the delay in shipping
  • Exposure to fraud attempts by some claimants of the profession of exporting Turkish ceramics.

Five solutions to the problems of buying Turkish ceramics

Searching for a solution is the positive and effective side of any problem, and therefore good solutions must be mentioned to address these problems:

  • Checking the agreed specifications and quality and not choosing an unreliable source.
  • Consulting experts in the field of Turkish ceramics or a brokerage firm, which in turn will provide you with information enabling you to choose the most appropriate source.
  • Contracting with the manufacturer and agreeing on the method of payment, and mentioning all specifications in the contract
  • Preparing the storage place to place the ceramics or sell them on demand
  • Strong marketing and contracting with cladding companies, studying the market in advance to know the most requested types or patterns of Turkish ceramics, and building your own base of clients, suppliers, engineers, designers, and real estate owners, as they are the first to give you the opportunity to prove yourself in the market and make profits.

The most famous Turkish companies specialising in the ceramic industry:

  • NG Kütahya: It has been able since the sixties to prove itself within the Turkish market, and it is one of the most famous companies with a well-known brand in Turkey, based in the state of Kütahya. 
  • Kale: It ranks third as the largest manufacturing company in Europe, located in Istanbul, and is considered a leader in the field and distinguished in it.
  • Vitar: Certified by the world's most renowned designers and architects, located in Istanbul and widely resonated globally.
  • Babar: It is located in Istanbul and specializes in marble, limestone, flooring tiles, ceramic walls, and glazed and rural residential porcelain tiles.

To achieve a strong name in the field of ceramic trade and to be one of its most important trades

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